Meet Some New Vendors! 2013 Market Season Opens Next Wednesday, May 29th!

The historic barn at Twin Oaks Creamery in Chehalis. Photo copyright 2013 by Zachary D. Lyons. Welcome to the 2013 season of your Wallingford Farmers Market! The season opens next Wednesday, May 29th at 3:30 p.m.! We have a lot of exciting new vendors this year that will compliment your old favorites, and here is just a sampling.

Twin Oaks Creamery is a cow and goat dairy in Chehalis that produces fresh milkyogurt, and fresh and aged goat and cow cheeses. They raise their goats and cows on beautiful, fertile farmland with a beautiful, historic barn (above). They bottle their milk next door to the barn, where they also make their yogurt. They make their cheeses in an historic storefront in Downtown Chehalis, in which they've built their own custom aging cave. Downtown Chehalis is one of the most economically depressed communities in Washington, and Twin Oaks is helping to revitalize it. Their cheeses range from fresh chevre and fromage blanc to rich and creamy cheddars and other wonderful aged cheeses.

Seattle Tilth Youth Garden Works. Photo courtesy Seattle Tilth.

Seattle Youth Garden Works is a program of Seattle Tilth in which homeless and underserved youth participate in a job training program emphasizing responsibility and growth.  They grow, harvest and sell produce at farmers markets, participating in all aspects of the food system and gain a range of employment and life skills. This program will be selling produce this season at your Wallingford Farmers Market!

Fresh sodas from Soda Jerk Soda Company. Photo copyright 2013 by Zachary D. Lyons.

This season, we are joined by Soda Jerk Soda Company, and their fresh sodas flavored with local ingredients, and served fresh off the tap right at your Wallingford Farmers Market! You can get a cup of soda to go, or you can get a growler to take home and enjoy. Growlers are a half-gallon, and Soda Jerk has these nifty new reusable growler cozies (above), to keep your soda cool and well-carbonated until you get it back to your fridge. Plus, growlers are refillable! Bring it back the following week and exchange it for a fresh bottle!

Sharon & Gary McCool of Rosecrest Farms. Photo copyright 2013 by Zachary D. Lyons.

Sharon & Gary McCool own Rosecrest Farms in Chehalis, just a few miles from Twin Oaks. They operate a certified organic cow dairy that sells much of its milk to Organic Valley, and some gets made into Rose Valley Butter. But they also make Washington's only Swiss styles of cheese. And it is amazing! This is not your Big Box store deli Swiss, either. You know, the stuff made in Ireland. No, this is beautiful, delicious cheese to which you will become addicted. They, too, have saved an historic barn -- theirs built in 1914 -- and their cheese aging cave has walls so thick, it naturally keeps the room at the appropriate aging temperature of about 55 degrees year-round!

Stay tuned for lots more news to come, as we enter the home stretch towards the 2013 season of your Wallingford Farmers Market! The new season begins in just one week, at 3:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 29th in Meridian Park! (Chefs welcome from 3:00-3:30 p.m.) See you then!