Wednesday, September 19th: Why We Love Our Wallingford Farmers Market!

With the 2012 season of your Wallingford Farmers Market drawing to a close -- next Wednesday is our last day for the year! -- let's celebrate what we love about our Market, and then let's support our local farmers, ranchers, food artisans and artists for all they do for us by coming to the Market today and next Wednesday! Let's start off with our amazing lineup of cooking demonstrationsChef Jason Circelli of Phinney Market joins us today at 4 p.m. for his. Jason shops at your Wallingford Farmers Market every week for his restaurant kitchen. Come get some tips from him for yours!

Eggs! We love 'em. But before the 2012 season, we didn't have many of them. This year, we added Sky Valley Family Farm with their amazing chicken and duck eggs, as well as farm-fresh pork and berries. And here's a fun fact: your Wallingford Farmers Market is going through six times as many eggs -- approaching 100 dozen per week -- than it did in previous years.

We love our Chef Market from 3:00-3:30 p.m. every Wednesday. Chefs from the surrounding neighbors avail themselves of the opportunity to stock up on local ingredients for their menus mid-week at one convenient location. They place orders for pickup, and they grab extra items or things that catch their fancy, helping making our local restaurants that much more interesting and delicious.

We love our veggies, like these heirloom tomatoes from One Leaf Farm in Carnation. In fact, we also love that we are helping to nurture the next generation of young farmers by giving farms like One Leaf -- only in their second year -- an opportunity to sell what they produce in a comfortable, low-overhead setting to an adoring public -- that's you!

We love that our food is local and fresh! And it doesn't get much more local and fresh than the produce from City Grown Farm, which farms right here in Wallingford, as well as in Ballard. This is food that only travels blocks to get from farm to Market, and it is an example of how we in the Big City can work to feed ourselves more. Oh, and City Grown is a first-year farm, too!

We love the Wallingford Community and the scene every week you help create! This image of beautiful Meridian Park awash in picnicking families on a warm, sunny, summer afternoon is an every-Wednesday occurrence at your Wallingford Farmers Market, and it lends itself to why we enjoy coming to work each week to serve our Wallingford Community. It is like summer camp every week!

We love our bakeries, all three of them -- Grateful Bread, Dolce Lou and Tall Grass Bakery, which makes this irresistible olive fougasse. Have you ever tried not to eat one of these in just one sitting. I tell you, it is simply not possible! And they make for a perfect accompaniment to a Market picnic in the Park!

We love the fruit! This weird looking creature is a banana cantaloupe melon from Lyall Farms. It is large, long, and quite fragrant, and it is bright orange inside, just like any cantaloupe. Stop by Lyall Farms today and give one of these a good sniff. Then bring it home, cut it open, and dribble its juice down the front of your chin and shirt as you devour it!

And we love our snacksBurgers from Skagit River RanchQuesadillas from Patty Pan GrillIce cream bars from Whidbey Island Ice Cream. And all of the easily snackable deliciousness from all of our farmers and food artisans. Don't forget, Skagit River Ranch also has all of those burgers and sausages, plus baconbeef and more, frozen for you to take home and enjoy later! Stock up!

Please remember to bring your own bags today, and every Wednesday, as Seattle’s single-use plastic bag ban is now in effect. Also, please take note of our new green composting and blue recycling waste receptacles throughout your Wallingford Farmers Market, and please make an effort to use them correctly. Each container has what’s okay to put in it pictured right on the lid. Please do not put the wrong materials in, because that drives up the cost of recycling and composting, and it can result in the entire container being sent instead to a landfill. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.

Of course, this is just a highlighting of what you will find today. There is still plenty of other stuff just waiting for you at your Wallingford Farmers Market this week. For a full accounting of what you will find, check out What’s Fresh Now!