Wednesday, July 18th: Sweet Corn, Nectarines, Whole Chickens, Rice Pudding & Chef Heather Immoor, Too!

In the immortal words of Garrison Keillor, “Sex is good, but not as good as fresh sweet corn.” And lucky for us, Lyall Farms will have lots of sweet corn today at your Wallingford Farmers Market! You know what else we'll have? Another great cooking demonstration at 4 p.m., today by Chef Heather Immoor of The Wandering Cafe. Heather shops at your Wallingford Farmers Market for her catering gigs all the time. Come learn some delicious tricks of the trade from her. Oh, and after 7 p.m. this evening, you will begin to see recipes from this year's cooking demonstrations appearing here, and on our Facebook page! And don't forget to bring you bags!

Get that hanky ready, cuz you are gonna need it to wipe the juice off of your chin once you bite into one of these juicy, super-sweet arctic star nectarines from Tiny’s Organic Produce. You know, I do love this time of year, when I get to add three or four kinds of fruit to the fresh list every week. Like pluots, for instance. Yup, Tiny’s has flavorosa pluots now, too! This cross between plums and apricots is deeply sweet and plenty juicy, yet firm enough to travel well with you on a hike or picnic.

Oh, the sweet, licorice-y deliciousness of fresh fennel bulb in summer! And Alm Hill Gardens has it right now! Use the frilly fronds in salads, on fish, as a garnish. The bulb can be eaten raw in salads, sauteed, roasted, even grilled. When you prep it, just be sure to slice it length-wise, as dirt likes to hide inside its tightly packed leaves.

Whitehorse Meadows Blueberry Farm returns today with fresh organic blueberries from their farm up in northern Snohomish County. These big, beautiful, sweet berries are fantabulous! Perk up salads, make jam, add them to oatmeal, make muffins. Just get twice as many as you'll think you need, as you will be eating half of them right from their container!

Summertime in Seattle means outdoor cooking, and how's about roasting a chicken on the barbecue this week? Skagit River Ranch has plenty of these certified organic chickens just waiting for you to enjoy! You can stick a beer can up its bum or split it and spread it out on the grill and press it under a brick. However you like to barbecue your chicken, you can't go wrong with one of these birds!

Whether you are making potato salad, cooking them in a foil pouch on the grill with herbs and butter, or simply steaming them, there's nothing better than new potatoes, like these new red potatoes from Summer Run Farm. New potatoes are very sweet, and if you eat them right away -- within a day or two of the Market -- they are not very starchy. And this is the only time of year to truly enjoy potatoes this way, so why not indulge yourself?! (And please, never refrigerate them!)

Vanilla rice pudding from Pasteria Lucchese sounds like a tasty treat you can enjoy with some fresh berries in the park here today, doesn’t it? Better get two, though, because it is so good, you are going to want another when you get home. Oh, and remember to bring a spoon with you today, too!

Please remember to bring your own bags today, and every Wednesday, as Seattle’s single-use plastic bag ban is now in effect. Also, please take note of our new green composting and blue recycling waste receptacles throughout your Wallingford Farmers Market, and please make an effort to use them correctly. Each container has what’s okay to put in it pictured right on the lid. Please do not put the wrong materials in, because that drives up the cost of recycling and composting, and it can result in the entire container being sent instead to a landfill. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.

Of course, this is just a highlighting of what you will find today. There is still plenty of other stuff just waiting for you at your Wallingford Farmers Market this week. For a full accounting of what you will find, check out What’s Fresh Now!