Reminder: No Market On July 4th!

Your Wallingford Farmers Market will be taking a day off on Wednesday, July 4th. There are several reasons for this. Yes, we want to spend the day with our family and friends, celebrating the birth of this great and ongoing experiment in democracy called the United States of America. But actually, there are far more practical reasons. Wallingford is ground zero for Seattle's fireworks display, and some 100,000 people flood the neighborhood each year for them, clogging up the streets and making movement throughout the neighborhood very difficult. And while you might think these one-day visitors would be good for market sales, these tend not to be people on a mission to find lettuce. Additionally, the Seattle Police Department, in an understandable effort to control this tsunami of humanity that descents upon Wallingford, blocks off all of the neighborhood streets south of 50th Street except the major East-West arterials and Stoney Way after about 3 p.m. That kinda puts a big wrench in holding a farmers market after 3 p.m. south of 50th Street.

Finally, with so many of you out of town for the day or hosting parties, thus keeping you from getting to the farmers market anyway, it just seems unreasonable for us to ask our vendors to trek into the city, fighting all the above traffic issues and foregoing their own ability to celebrate with their loved ones, just to endure a market day likely to be extremely sub-par in sales for them. The good news is that this happens only once every 5-6 years.

We hope you understand, and we wish you a safe and sane 4th. We look forward to seeing you again on Wednesday, July 11th for business as usual.