Wednesday, June 15th: Strawberries, Mushrooms, Snow Peas, Cherries, Spectacular Surroundings & Always A Few Surprises!

If you've visited the new location of your Wallingford Farmers Market behind Good Shepherd Center at Meridian Park, then you already know just how spectacular a space it is. If you haven't, take a look at the photo above, then swing by the Market this afternoon at 3:30 p.m. to experience it firsthand. And this new space isn't just beautiful, it is larger, which means we have a number of new farmers and food artisans here this year. Plus, there are places to sit and relax, a playground for the kiddies, access from bus routes, lots of street parking, easy access with strollers, bikes and other wheeled, motorless vehicles via both Bagley Ave N, and from the corners of Meridian Ave N & N 50th St and Sunnyside Ave N & N 5oth St. And even though we're on grass, even in the rain, the ground is firm and not muddy! Go figure. Of course, it is not going to rain today!

Woohoo! It's strawberry season, finally. Hayton Berry Farms returns today with their transitional to organic strawberries. That means they are in the midst of a three-year period in which they must practice organic farming methods, while the State tests their soil for compliance each year, until they are issued their organic certification, likely next year. This is a good thing! See, strawberries are in the top five crops for pesticide residue in our diets, so organic is absolutely the way to go!

Look! Mushrooms! Oyster mushrooms, in fact. From Seattle's -- yes, Seattle's, as they're based in Lake City -- newest farm, Red Owl Mushroom Farm. Finally, mushroomliciousness at your Wallingford Farmers Market. Oh, happy day!

Those mushrooms sure would taste good stir-fried with some of these snow peas from Alvarez Organic Farms, don't you think?

Cherries are back, too! These are burlat cherries from Lyall Farms. Burlats are one of the earliest cherries to ripen, and as these are grown in hot, dry, sunny Prosser, they get an additional time advantage. Enjoy!

Ooh! Chinese broccoli from Lee's Fresh Produce. Yummers. Honestly, if you haven't checked out Lee's yet, you must. Besides all the cool, and tasty, Asian vegetable varieties they grow, their produce is some of the most beautiful you'll ever see!

Speaking of gorgeous veg, check out the spicy salad mix from Alm Hill Gardens. I love this stuff. I sometimes just eat it straight out of the bag. And if you haven't eaten a nasturtium before, you are really missing out. They are sweet, and a little spicy, and you will never look at flowers the same again. In the immortal words of Far Side, "Stop and eat the roses."

And for dessert, Luv Potion #1 from Cupcake Luv... or, really, anything else they make! Did you know that Cupcake Luv uses local flour from Shepherd's Grain? Show me another cupcake maker around here doing that! And these babies have local porter in them, too!

Of course, this is just a highlighting of what you will find today. There is still plenty of other stuff just waiting for you at your Wallingford Farmers Market this week. For a full accounting of what you will find, click on “What’s Fresh Now!” in the upper right-hand corner.