Wallingford Farmers Market 2011 Site Advisory

A meeting was held on November 2, 2010 of the newly formed Wallingford Farmers Market Steering Committee. During the meeting everyone confirmed their support for the farmers market to continue operating in the community.  The Seattle Farmers Market Association helped the committee determine the following criteria for a suitable site:

  1. Size of the site must be large enough to accommodate a minimum of 40 10x10 canopies, and ideally will allow enough space for approximately 8-10 vendors to expand during their high production months.  The size must also provide space for aisles that meet all safety requirements and the loading/unloading needs for market operations.
  2. Access to a commercially permitted, plumbed water facility that will meet health department requirements.
  3. Cost of the site must be affordable so the market can support all costs of the market throughout the season.
  4. A location that offers favorable visibility and/or recognition by the general community so as to provide mitigation for significant disruptions caused by the market relocation.
  5. Parking availability for as many as 15 large vendor vehicles.  This parking should be reasonably convenient for vendors, yet far enough away from the market site so as not to interfere with nearby residential needs or with market visitor access.
  6. Preferences are for:
    • a paved surface;
    • a location near the local businesses;
    • accessibility to bus stops.

It was agreed by all that it is important for the community to be informed of the committee’s efforts.  A community meeting is scheduled on January 19th at 7:00p.m. – 8:30 p.m. in the Conference Room at 1501 North 45th.  This meeting will be to review feasible sites that have been identified and give all interested residents, property owners, and business owners the opportunity to ask questions and provide input into the selection process.  The City confirmed its commitment to assisting with the permit/application process necessary to finalize a site choice. They are also willing to assist with the community meeting.

Steering committee members:

  • Kara Ceriello, Wallingford Chamber of Commerce
  • Charlotte Trelease, Wallingford Neighborhood Ofc
  • Erika Lee, Wallingford Community Council
  • Tim Durkan, City Neighborhood Service Ofc
  • Cathy Tuttle, Sustainable Wallingford
  • Jake Weber, Family Works
  • Amy Singer, Wallingford Center/Lorig Management
  • Steve Johnson, City Office of Economic Dev
  • Karen Selander, City Office of Economic Dev
  • Candace Reiter, SFMA Board Secretary
  • Judy Kirkhuff and Ben Chandler, SFMA/WFM