Wednesday, September 8th: Colorful Peppers, Squeaky Cheese, Chocolatey Goodness, Eda(say it)mame & Perhaps the Last Fresh Salmon of the Season... Perhaps.

Hey folks! The season here at your Wallingford Farmers Market is beginning to wind down. Just four weeks left in 2010. Time to start stocking up, canning, freezing, pickling, jamming and drying, if you haven't already, and make sure you make the most out the accessibility of great, local, fresh food direct from the producer, conveniently located right here in Wallingford, while you can. Then we'll see you during the dark, cold, wet months at Ballard Farmers Market.

Check out these spectacular chili peppers from Alvarez Organic Farms. Like everything else this year, they're a bit behind schedule, but they are hitting their prime now. They grow over 150 varieties of peppers, including some they've developed themselves. Come explore the many kinds and find what you like best. And finally, Alvarez has Golden Jubilee sweet corn this week. It's big, beautiful and sweet!

Shelling beans are also slow in coming on this season, but the second of them has finally arrived: edamame! (For those keeping score, fava beans were first.) Stoney Plains wins the edamame sweepstakes with the first of the season. Soon, they will have quite a few other shelling beans, too. And they, too, have more sweet corn today! Plus, they've got a new harvest of shelling peas!

Speaking of farms developing their own crops, Collins Family Orchards is credited with helping create these Fantasia plums. Gorgeous, aren't they? And they have a deep, sweet, juicy flesh you will love.

I love broccoli. I particularly love it with bacon. Maybe if George H.W. Bush had tried it with bacon, he would have learned to love it, too. Anywho, what I really love is the way the sunlight is dancing on this beautiful broccoli from Full Circle Farm.

Oh, the mighty chocolate croissant from Grateful Bread Bakery. These suckers are nothing short of addictive. Try one today, and I guarantee that you will be back for another next week!

The Washington coastal salmon and halibut season is in extra innings now. Technically, the season closed on September 1st, which is why Wilson Fish was not at the Market last week. But the State has extended the season one more week. That means that if -- and it's a big if -- Wilson Fish is able to make it to your Wallingford Farmers Market today, it will likely be the last day they have fresh salmon and halibut this year. When I spoke with them on Tuesday, they weren't sure they would be able to get back from the coast, cut and bag the fish, and get to the Market today, but they are going to try. And if they cannot get to Wallingford today, they advise me that they will definitely be at the Madrona Farmers Market with fresh fish on Friday.

Mmm. Squeaky cheese. These dill & garlic cheese curds from Golden Glen Creamery are simply dee-lish. I find it impossible to sit down with a container of this cheese without polishing it off in one sitting. Enjoy!

And how about some fresh pasta from La Pasta. One thing about this cool summer we've had is that it is conducive to cooking pasta, am I right? Last summer, pasta was right out because it was too hot. So grab some pasta, some fresh veggies, meat, fish and cheese and put together a great pasta dish tonight.

Of course, this is just a highlighting of what you will find today for your weekend festivities, and for the rest of the week. There is still plenty of other stuff just waiting for you at your Wallingford Farmers Market this week. For a full accounting of what you will find, click on “What’s Fresh Now!” in the upper right-hand corner.