Wednesday, September 1st: Chef Brian Gojdics from Tutta Bella, All Rye Bread, Radiant Squash, Savory Shallots & More!

Wow! It's September. I would ask, "Where did summer go?", but I am not entirely convinced it has arrived yet. Nevertheless, there is still plenty of deliciousness to be had at your Wallingford Farmers Market today. And we will get some great ideas for how to use it from Chef Brian Gojdics of Tutta Bella during his cooking demonstration today at 4 p.m.

Now that it's September, it's time for apples, like these Honey Crisp apples from Tiny's. These will go great in your kids lunch boxes, or send it with them for the teacher's desk!

With a bit of fall in the air, you'll need shallots for all those rich, savory dishes you'll want to cook. Summer Run has big, beautiful shallots right now. Use them now, or store them for later in the year.

Alm Hill's Savoy cabbage ain't just another pretty vegetable, it is also one fine head of cabbage. It is great for slaws, cooking with shallots and bacon, or immersing in your corned beef or stew pot. All the little wrinkles in it give it texture, a lightness and help it absorb flavors.

All Rye bread from Tall Grass Bakery is a dense, moist, delicious loaf that is great on its own, but it really shines with butter, or dipping into a hearty soup, and it makes great toast, too. Looking for a change of pace, bread-wise? Try a loaf of All Rye today!

Lyall Farms continues to roll through one variety of plum after another, to keep our palates pleased. Check out these juicy, sweet Amber Jewel plums. Gorgeous and delicious!

Are these sunburst squash from Alvarez spectacular, or what? And lit up by their namesake, how can you resist taking some home tonight? They are sweet and a bit nutty, and they roast wonderfully on the grill.

Of course, this is just a highlighting of what you will find today for your weekend festivities, and for the rest of the week. There is still plenty of other stuff just waiting for you at your Wallingford Farmers Market this week. For a full accounting of what you will find, click on “What’s Fresh Now!” in the upper right-hand corner.