Wednesday, June 30th: Chef Colin Patterson of Sutra, Apricots, Tomatoes, & Independence Day Barbecue Supplies!

Chef Colin Patterson of Sutra Vegetarian Cuisine will show us what to do with all the magnificent fruits, vegetables and herbs your Wallingford Farmers Market has to offer today in a cooking demonstration at 4 p.m. Colin throws down some of the tastiest vegan cuisine in Seattle. Come get some great ideas of how you can do the same at home with great, local food.

Woohoo!!! Tomatoes! Lots of tomatoes! Direct from the greenhouses of Billy's in sunny Tonasket. Choose from Big Beef, Striped German, Vintage Wine, Paul Robeson, Brandywine, and many other delicious varieties of certified organic, heirloom tomatoes, just in time for summer!

And in keeping with the "juice running down your chin and dripping onto your shirt" theme of produce, Lyall Farms should have first of the season apricots today at your Wallingford Farmers Market. Oh, happy day! They also have a whole lot of cherries, too, from Chelans to Tietons to Rainiers. Oh, yeah, baby.

But let's get serious here for a minute... about July 4th barbecues, that is! Wallingford is party central on July 4th, and since we will all be firing up the barbecues, why not toss in some alder chips, slow cook some Wilson Fish king salmon, and make your neighbors jealous? Remember, their fish is so fresh, it was likely swimming yesterday. That means that you can pickup fish today and be confident it will still be plenty fresh when you cook in on Sunday. You won't find fresher fish in Seattle.

And how about some tasty pork for your barbecue  from Olsen Farms-- in addition to that salmon. Woohoo! (I know, I'm saying woohoo a lot today, but it is Independence Day weekend, so woohoo I will!) They've got Boston Butts, ribs, sausages, chops, bacon for wrapping, well, everything, and ham hocks for your beans and collards. Olsen also has a great selection of beef and lamb, plus lots and lots of dogs and sausages, too.

You'll need sauerkraut for those sausages, too. For that, Firefly Kitchens has you covered. These folks are rockin' the fermented vegetables for us, from this kraut to kimchi to a little carrot and ginger concoction they like to call "Yin Yang." This tasty stuff enhances any number of dishes, while loading your body up with all the probiotic goodness of fermented vegetables.

Berries. You'll need berries. And your Wallingford Farmers Market has plenty of them. Like these gorgeous strawberries from Jessie's Berries. Think of the shortcakes you can make with this stuff. Oh, happy day! You will also find raspberries in the Market today, as well.

Of course, this is just a highlighting of what you will find today for your weekend festivities, and for the rest of the week. There is still plenty of other stuff just waiting for you at your Wallingford Farmers Market this week. For a full accounting of what you will find, click on “What’s Fresh Now!” in the upper right-hand corner.