Elemental Chef Laurie Riedeman & the Return of Wilson Fish

Chef Laurie Riedeman of Elemental will perform today's cooking demonstration at the Wallingford Farmers Market from 4-5 p.m. A master of adapting her menus to what's fresh on any given day, Chef Riedeman will give you the ideas, techniques and confidence you need to make simple, delicious dishes from Market-fresh ingredients. Deep sadness at the early selling out of fish at Ballard this past Sunday led Wilson's David (right) to despair and Pete of Pete's Perfect Butter Toffee to tears. Photo copyright 2009 by Zachary D. Lyons.

Wilson Fish returns to Wallingford Farmers Market this week, but if you want their incredible Washington coastal king salmon and halibut, you'd better get there early. They sold out at Ballard Farmers Market on Sunday in just 90 minutes, leading to the pathetic display above. And Tiny's is rumored to have the first strawberries of the season, but again, get there early to get some of them.

Don't forget to check the updated "What's Fresh Now!" pages for an extensive list of all the goodies available this week at Wallingford Farmers Market.